The Emmett Technique


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The Emmett Technique was developed by Ross Emmett, a very intuitive Australian who is still teaching this fascinating muscle release technique today.

It is a recognised technique which uses light finger pressure on specific points on the body quickly achieving pain relief and improving body movement and giving a feeling of wellbeing. It is a technique which is also used to help horses and dogs.

This internationally recognised technique is now taught in over 35 countries worldwide can be applied to both people and animals.

Given the choice, it is EMMETT I tend to use most because the results are immediate. You will know straight away whether the session is having a beneficial effect for you.

To find out more about this amazing technique go to:

You can even sign up for a 1 day short course - no previous knowledge of the body required. In it you'll learn lots of simple but very effective moves you can use to help your own friends and family.

YouTube videos showing The Emmett Technique in action:

Stabalise your Core:

Stiff Neck:        

Foot Balance:  

Strengthen grip: