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The Emmett Technique


Advanced Emmett Practitioner, Gentle Muscle Release
Gentle hands, relieving chronic pain

The Emmett Technique was developed by Ross Emmett, a very intuitive Australian who is still teaching this fascinating muscle release technique today.

It is a recognised technique which uses light finger pressure on specific points on the body quickly achieving pain relief and improving body movement and giving a feeling of wellbeing. It is a technique which is also used to help horses and dogs.

This internationally recognised technique is now taught in over 35 countries worldwide can be applied to both people and animals.

Given the choice, it is EMMETT I tend to use most because the results are immediate. You will know straight away whether the session is having a beneficial effect for you.

To find out more about this amazing technique go to:

You can even sign up for a 1 day short course - no previous knowledge of the body required. In it you'll learn lots of simple but very effective moves you can use to help your own friends and family.

YouTube videos showing The Emmett Technique in action:

Stabalise your Core:

Stiff Neck:        

Foot Balance:  

Strengthen grip:


I am a 72 year old woman who has suffered low back pain from the age of 10 – 62 years of my life so really almost a Lifetime, but my lowest point came when the Orthopaedic Surgeon told me that nothing could be done for me now as my back had deteriorated too much and would continue to do so.


I had a lower spine accident when only 10 yrs of age which cracked the Coccyx and left it out of alignment with the rest of my spine. When I was 11 years old I developed Rheumatoid Arthritis, which has repeatedly flared up off and on since then and on top of that in my 40’s Osteo Arthritis in various joints added to my problems. I attended the Rheumatology Consultants at Hospital but attempts to treat me with Immune Suppressant Medication to halt the debilitating affects of R.A. failed to be effective. Physiotherapy couldn’t help the condition either so I was only left with Pain Killers and Anti Inflammatory Medication with all their adverse side effects.


In my 50’s I had a few bad falls, which left me in constant pain from my Sacro Iliac joints being out of place and from then on I had to attend Physiotherapists for Manipulation regularly and also Reflexology sessions. Physio Treatment did more harm then good by aggravating my Arthritis and so again I was left with only pain killers to take to help take the edge off the pain as my Reflexology Treatments gave only minimal relief.


Then 3 years ago I had my worst fall when a chair collapsed under me throwing me onto a wooden floor, the effects of which have never got better and which left me with Sciatica from my hip down to my foot on one side and needing two walking sticks to help my greatly reduced mobility. My spirits were at an all time low.


My eldest daughter gave me Emmett Treatment vouchers for my Christmas present for 2017 with Jan Mathers at Chelsea House Clinic Inverurie and I can say that I now have hope for my future mobility improving more than I could ever have hoped for, which has helped me get a quality of life back and lifted my spirits so much.


Jan is a lovely person who brings empathy to her Emmett Treatments and who carefully tailors her Treatment to her Client’s individual condition, their needs and lifestyle, giving sound advice about how to manage their condition in the future to maintain the improvement Emmett makes. Emmett is such a gentle Therapy causing no pain during the Session, which makes the improvement made so remarkable. The improvement made to me after each session is instantaneous.


I have 60 years of back problems to be cleared up, but now after 6 Sessions of Emmett I feel like a miracle is being performed by Jan and Emmett. Each time I go for Treatment another improvement is instantly made. I now can walk with stability without my walking sticks, the Sciatica has gone from my hip and leg, I am now well balanced on my feet, the hip spasms have dramatically reduced as have my need for painkillers, stiff neck and shoulders have been freed and the pain I had in my foot from a metal plate which was inserted after my big toe Arthritic joint was surgically removed has now gone, which is just truly amazing !


I can unhesitatingly recommend Emmett Treatment, especially with Jan Mathers. You will even get muscles freed that you never knew were causing some of your pain and the resultant relief is sheer bliss!


M.Mackenzie, Aberdeenshire

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