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Moira Mackenzie


After having one session of OldPain2Go from Jan Mathers, the arthritic pain and stiffness that I have endured for the past 63 years disappeared immediately much to my astonishment and my delight and I was at last able to get out of bed easily in the morning and move easily around. This new state of being has continued for weeks so far.


A month later the night before I went to undergo an operation in my foot to remove a Fusion plate, I asked if Jan could give me another session concerning the pain levels that I would have post Op.

With Jan’s guidance I spoke to my unconscious self telling it that I already had gone through severe pain when having the Plate installed into my foot 7 years earlier and thus had no need for the warning signs telling me to be careful until the wound had healed. I then asked for only a light level of pain.


When being discharged from the Hospital they gave me 28 very strong painkillers ( 2 weeks worth ) to take regularly until the severe pain from the stitched up wound had subsided . Amazingly I had no need of these as the pain only rated a 3 at the most beginning from coming out of the Recovery Room .

After a good night’s sleep, the following day I only felt light twinges in the foot when I was walking carefully and now after three days on, the twinges are minimal.


I am absolutely so pleased and also amazed that the Therapy OldPain2Go has been so effective for using in this situation and I know was well worth trying.




Stewart Paton reviewed The Pain Stop – 5 star

What Jan does with different therapies is nothing short of amazing. Everything is based on natural therapies, essentially getting your body to fix itself. It is completely unobtrusive and in many cases can even be done through clothing. I travel from Dunfermline to see Jan because I know what she does works. If you live near Inverurie and suffer from Chronic pain, I would recommend you go and visit Jan.

Daniel Barry Keating

Another great visit to get us both re-aligned. Thanks Jan.

Stewart Paton

I've suffered with scoliosis pretty much as long as I can remember and until recently had not found anything that helped. Most medical professionals seem to concentrate on the bones which I now know is not the problem. Having known Jan for too many years :) I finally managed to get to Inverurie and experience RESET Therapies. Most of what I experienced was Emmett Technique and all I can say is AMAZING. Jan has what can only be described as healing hands. My Scoliosis is not cured but but for the first time in a long time I had none of the pain. The Therapy was very gentle and very precise and the effects were fantastic. I would wholeheartedly recommend Jan and RESET Therapy to everyone.

Bernard Elliott-Smith

I've known Jan for some years now, she is a lovely person, and as a therapy instructor know what is good and what works. Jan's holistic attitude and mix of therapies are second to none in the way they achieve excellent results. If you have a physical problem and need someone friendly and who really cares about the people she treats and who is also a great therapist get in touch with Jan, you won't regret it. Bernard Elliott-Smith

Craig Sandison‎ to The Pain Stop

After years of high impact on my knees from playing basketball, and not much relief from pain from trips to the doctors or physios, I was encouraged to give Bowen Therapy a try with Jan. I was a bit sceptical at first, however, after just a few sessions, I began to notice a big difference, and had my problems fully resolved within 5 sessions.

I have been back since with further injuries and Jan has always managed to help. She excels in finding the cause of the issue, rather than just treating the symptoms, and has yet to fail me. I would highly recommend The Pain Stop.