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The Pain Stop

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Jan Mathers
Pain Reduction Consultant
The Pain Stop uses the most cutting edge methods to address your pain.

A Balanced Mind

in a Balanced Body



Allergies like Hayfever


I have been working in the complementary field for over 12 years now.  I started by learning Reiki (Reiki II certificate) but then very soon found the Bowen Technique, Walker Technique, Neural Touch, and Emmett Technique. I am a qualified practitioner in all these techniques and an Advanced Emmett Practitioner. I am also a McLaughlin Scar Tissue Release Practitioner and have done further training:


Fascia Bowen -  for people who have had strokes or other brain damage and for children with additional support needs.

Bowen for Hormonal Issues - such as hot flushes painful periods etc

Emmett Pelvic Care - for personal issues such as vaginal dryness and erectile dysfunction

TMJ/TMD correction with O'Lab which specifically aims to get the jaw back into centric relation ie balanced on both sides, to alleviate pain.

Over the years I have found that trying to correct a physical imbalance may affect the pain experienced by a person, but often there is an emotional element, especially where chronic pain is involved. I, therefore, decided to train in Counselling (Diploma with Distinction) initially and more recently in OldPain2Go. OldPain2Go is an amazingly straightforward approach to re-training your brain when pain signals have been caught in a loop. It can also be adapted to help change signals which contribute to weight gain, habits like smoking or nail-biting, fear/phobias, and allergies such as hayfever. I can deliver a session via Skype/Zoom so it doesn't matter where someone lives or if they can't leave the house for some reason. The results are exactly the same. I am also able to offer dowsing for food sensitivities and EFT  if required.  This gives The Pain Stop an all-round approach to help people address their pain.

None of the therapies at The Pain Stop should cause you pain! The last thing I want is to add to your pain. You do not have to disrobe to receive any of the therapies I offer and all physical therapies are suitable for any age - babies to the elderly.

You are not just a body - nor are you just an emotional being. Your physical body affects your mind, just as your mind affects your physical body. I see each person as a whole being. I will advise as to what I think is the best technique to use for you as an individual. You do not have to agree with me of course :) You are in complete control of your session and can choose which technique you'd like.

More information on all therapies offered at The Pain Stop can be found via the tabs at the top of the page. If you'd like to discuss a session before booking, I'd be delighted to chat with you. Just call on 07733 288035 and I'll call you back if I can't answer straight away.

Thank you.

Getting Here:

Chelsea House Clinic is opposite the Post Office in Inverurie. There is a car park behind the building for your convenience.

Our Address:

Chelsea House Clinic

30 West High Street


AB51 3QR


07733 288035

Please note: I may not be able to answer the phone if I'm with a client but will get back to you as soon as possible. Thank you.


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