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COVID 19 - Coronavirus

The Pain Stop

Please check my Facebook page for up to date information.


Unfortunately, I will only be able to see people for physical therapies, 28 days AFTER their last Covid injection/booster or if they have not had a Covid injection. 

Before making an appointment, please read the following carefully:

Soft tissue therapists are now able to return to work but there will be some changes in how your appointment will proceed in order to continue to prevent the spread of infection. I list below some of the changes you can expect.

Firstly, if you are experiencing any Covid-19 symptoms, please postpone or cancel your appointment.


PLEASE DO NOT ATTEND IF: you have the recent onset of a new continuous cough OR you have a high temperature OR you noticed a loss of, or change in, normal sense of taste or smell. If you are considered a high-risk client (please see list at the end of this letter), please read carefully what precautions I will be taking so you can decide if these are sufficient for you.

Please bring your own water if needed, as I can no longer supply this. Please wear a face mask if you are not exempt, should this still be required.  It would also be helpful if you wear clothing which is light and loose as I will always treat through clothes. 


Please arrive promptly at your appointment time and wait at the front door on the High Street. Please wait outside the glass door opposite the front door where I will meet you and we will proceed directly to the treatment room upstairs. At the end of the session, I will let you out the same door. Payment can be made in the room before leaving if you have not already paid.  Please only bring a chaperone or legal guardian if necessary. 

The treatment room will have been thoroughly disinfected and the couch will have been wiped down with an alcohol wipe.  I will be wearing a visor. I will NOT be wearing gloves but will be washing and sanitising my hands between each client.

When your session is over, please try not to touch anything as you leave. I will open doors for you.  Please keep your mask on until you exit the premises. Please note that I may be instructed to pass on your details to the NHS Track and Trace if directed.

Payment can be made prior to the appointment via Direct Transfer or PayPal but contactless payment is available.  If you wish to pay with cash, please bring the correct money.

Please note appointments will be spaced further apart than usual to enable disinfection of the practice space, therapy table, equipment and facilities.

I look forward to welcoming you back to the practice.




People with the following health issues are considered a Covid-19 RED FLAG


• Those shielding vulnerable family members, frontline NHS staff, carers, and those who have been in contact with anyone suffering from Covid-19

• Anyone currently receiving treatment for cancer, suffering lung conditions, or is post-operative

• Experiencing post-Covid-19 circulatory complications (deep vein thrombosis, micro-embolisms, stroke symptoms, or pulmonary embolism). THIS IS AN IMPORTANT CONSIDERATION AS POST COVID BLOOD COAGULATION PROBLEMS CAN BE EXPERIENCED

• Aged 70 years or above

• Pregnancy

• Heart and/or respiratory conditions

• Suppressed immune systems

• Diabetes

• BMI over 39

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